Phillip island Report for 29th & 30th September 2018

At the invitation of the Formula Vee Association of Victoria and the MG Car club of Victoria organisers of the 2 day meeting, 5 1200cc Historic Formula Vees competed for what turned out to be a great weekend of Formula Vee Racing for both the 1600cc Modern F/Vees and the 5 Historics. 

Geoff Stone, Connor Ryan, Matt Scott, Don Greiveson and Ian Edgar having a welcome return to Vee racing in Noel Bulls Elfin. Ian was a regular competitor in Formula Vees back in the Seventies and Eighties. Ian was to say later in the weekend he had a fantastic time and looks forward to future racing in the Historic Vee class. Ian has been competing in Historic F/Ford, but Vees are more fun!!

Qualification on Saturday morning resulted in 8 timed very competitive laps, for the Historic Cars with Don out slip streaming Geoff to post the quickest time with Ian, Matt and Connor all within a couple of car lengths to lay the foundation for the 1st race in the afternoon. The Historics out qualified 2 1600cc cars who would start 2 rows in front of the 1200cc cars when racing commenced.

Race 1 of 8 laps was a real ding dong race with all 5 Historic cars in the mix for the entire race.

The head wind down the straight resulted in the slip stream being really strong and kept the Historic group in a tight pack. The leading 1600cc cars were also tightly grouped. After a slow start by a couple of 1600cc cars that we blasted past, that was the last we saw of them and we caught another 1600 who had a spin. He ultimately caught our group and split Matt from the run to the finish line.

At the Flag Don had made the best of the slip stream to clinch the class win over Geoff, Ian, Connor and Nick Grigg in the 1600cc car with 5 cars crossing the line within .3 of a second and Matt who got split a couple of seconds adrift.

A very social Saturday evening at the local RSL for Dinner resulted in a round table for us all including Geoff Stone’s daughter Lauren who came to cheer and barrack and support her dad, Peter George another past Formula Vee racer and Noel Bull and Phil Gardner who chose to run his 1600 cc car rather than the Historic Nimbus, plus Don’s pit crew and cheer squad Nevan and Diane.

Race 2 on Sunday morning of 8 laps turned out to be a real challenge as a rain shower just prior proved a real game changer for the 1600cc cars at turn 1 on the first lap. Your correspondent in all the years of racing F/Vees has never seen so many cars “off ” the Black Stuff. They were left and right out on the grass and a couple pointing the wrong way in the middle of the track. Phil Gardner unfortunately clobbered another who had spun to end his weekend [probably wished he bought the Nimbus I suspect] and Don had an eyeball with a red car and decided a deviation was necessary.

Connor found a gap and showed real class on the slippery track to diss appear down the road and a well-deserved class win. Ian Edgar also had the wet eyes on to chase after Connor and the rest of us tried to survive. Matt also showed good form on the slippery track and Geoff lost the gear selection in what Burnie Cashin on the phone politely told Geoff, it was due to driver abuse.

Race 3 on Sunday afternoon of 9 laps was dry again. John Dean and Don had sorted a quick fix for Geoff’s car with split pins, and it was on again for another ding dong battle for both classes.

Geoff started in 3rg gear just to make sure of his start, or so he said. He caught the group pretty quickly so must have had the eyes on or taken some brave pills. The positions changed at nearly every part of the circuit with the slip stream a very strong influence. The times were fast with Geoff, Ian and Connor into the 2.05 bracket out of the tow and Matt slipping out of the tow crucified his race.  Ian again stated he didn’t see the last lap board due to the closeness of the group, however Don did and worked the slip stream again to finish in front of Geoff, Connor and Ian within .15 of a second, another 1600 .5 of a second behind and unfortunately Matt losing touch with the group.

In summary a great weekend of racing for a $425.00 entry fee. At Phillip Island the racing with the 1600cc cars works for both classes. 

Your correspondent from the driver’s seat, as seen by Don.