Historic Formula Vee Rules

Technical Advice for Members

HFVAA Technical Manual
This manual is a guide to assist you in interpreting the various rules governing the historic formula vee construction.

The document is self explanatory.
The technical Manual is a guide and refers to the various rules that govern the construction of the historic vees. 
This manual is simply a guide and not the full technical specifications which can be
found in the Cams rules to which the manual refers.

A quick note for the various sealers who have a hard copy.

There was a typos on Page 22, Rule (5.5c 1) of the hard copy which reads “on the same circumferential line on the vertical tube”. 
The electronic copy has the word “vertical” removed. 
The electronic copy is correct.

Please refer to CAMS Historic formula Vee Regulations 1974 and 1985, and various CAMS bulletin updates listed on the CAMS website.

• Links to the Regulations are here:- 1974 CAMS Regulations  1985 CAMS Regulation

• Historic Formula Vee Association of Australia Constitution HFVAA Constitution


• The Historic Formula Vee Association of Australia is a CAMS Affiliated Association. We aim to keep our membership subscriptions at a reasonable level. Our Full Membership Fee is $65 and Social Membership is $30

To join us download the membership form via the link and scan a copy and send to the club secretary and send the relevant subscription fee via bank transfer. HFVAA Membership Form

• To run a pre 1985 (or other approved Historic Vee) in CAMS Historic Competition you need a Certificate of Description and a Historic Log Book.

Download the Certificate of Description Application click on the link to the right Certificate Of Description
Application Form

A Model C of D Application

Engine Seals

All Historic Vees are now required to have additional engine sealing tags applied and be sealed by HFVAA approved historic sealers. The names of of the sealers for NSW, QLD, Victoria and the ACT can be found via the link to the right. This is a CAMS Historic Commission approved directive and is application to all Group V cars. Historic Formula Vee Technical Sealers 2017

Below is the exerpt from the HCC minutes.


        Bryan Miller tabled a submission for the consideration of the Commission in relation to the sealing of Formula Vee engines.

        The Commission noted the proposed listing of engine sealers and also gave their support for the self=regulation of Group V by the HFVAA.

        ACTION: Exectuive Officer to make the necessary amendments to the CAMS Manual and publish the listing on the CAMS website.

Historic Formula Vee Technical Sealers 2017