Wakefield September 2019 Report

A disappointingly small group entered for Wakefield, only 11. I’d suggest this was a triumph of quality over quantity! Overall entries for the meeting were down so we had qualifying plus 2 races on Saturday. On Sunday we were combined with the Fords for 3 more races.

Most of the group were there on Friday as usual and the small entry meant we had a practice session every hour or so. By the end of the day most were happy to skip a session or two. Ian B started well before his engine decided to go fluffy and refuse to rev. Despite a huge and frustrating effort by Ian and well-meaning but not necessarily helpful contributions from the rest of the group he had to take the problem home after Sunday’s first race. Two meetings with a new engine and yet to be problem free! 

Our president was a reluctant entry with a tired old engine in the car and had only entered because he needed a weekend away. Although he had fitted a new carburettor. 

Saturday qualifying saw some wild card results. Nigel was on pole as expected in the absence of Tony and Pete was off his normal pace running tyres with no tread and visible canvas that wouldn’t stick to the road. Norm was second, setting his best ever time. Kevan’s tired engine claim was refuted by third place on the grid. The new carby worked some magic! I did better than usual to be fourth. Gary was 5/100th of a second behind me followed by Ian B, Pete on his canvas tyres, Peter M, Phil, Chris who was feeling unwell after returning to Australia only a few days ago and Dave Harley who’s getting quicker all the time.

Race one saw a great tussle for the lead between Nigel and Kevan, swapping places throughout before being resolved in Nigel’s favour by 1/100th on the line. I managed to hold out Norm by half a second for third with Pete coming to terms with his tyres to be a further half second behind. The others were close behind with Dave getting quicker to knock a couple of seconds off his qualifying time. He was over the moon to be competitive and learn from being in the group.

Race 2 saw Nigel play dirty tricks to slow Kevan and allow me to catch up and harass him while Nigel took advantage to sneak away for the win. I chased Kevan down the straight to the flag but his ‘tired’ old engine had too much power for me to take advantage of the slip stream. Pete was getting quicker to get past Norm for fourth. Gary was off his normal pace to be next followed by everyone else.

At the end of the day there were some very happy racers. Dave stepped up the learning curve to be right in the race and learning to overtake. Kevan had no expectations with his tired engine but had his best results for a long time and was so close to having a win. I did better than I have for a long time and was consistently running at my PB. Norm was right on the leaders’ pace and 2nd fastest qualifier. Poor Ian was having a very frustrating time. Hang in there, we all have them.

Sunday saw a leisurely start with us not on until after 11 and combined with the Fords despite attempting to negotiate a continuation of our own races. No reflection on the organisers, it just couldn’t be made to work at short notice and they did try. 

Race 3 went to Nigel again followed by Pete, now on borrowed tyres, then Kevan, Gary, Norm, me, Chris who was getting back on the groove, Ian B still struggling with the fluffy engine after working the previous evening into the dark with Gary’s help, Peter, Dave and Phil who was suffering a power loss. The results were distorted as the Fords started lapping us about lap 5 of 8 and it was a bit of a lottery after that.

Race 4 saw a change of fortunes after 3 abreast into turn 2 saw Nigel spin and retire. The resultant avoidance saw the field spread out for Pete to win followed by Kevan, Gary, me who’d snuck past Norm, Chris, Peter and Dave.

Race 5 was the second last race of the day so some elected to head for home early, only 6 faced the starter. A misunderstanding at the fish hook saw Kevan have to hit the brakes too hard and spin leaving Pete and Gary to cross the line side by side with me watching from some distance behind after some off-roading coming on to the back straight. Dave was next then Peter and Chris who’d had a spin coming on to the straight.

Those of you who thought they had something better to do than join us missed out on some great racing. And naturally some great socialising both at the track and at the end of the day.

Phillip island Report for 29th & 30th September 2018

At the invitation of the Formula Vee Association of Victoria and the MG Car club of Victoria organisers of the 2 day meeting, 5 1200cc Historic Formula Vees competed for what turned out to be a great weekend of Formula Vee Racing for both the 1600cc Modern F/Vees and the 5 Historics. 

Geoff Stone, Connor Ryan, Matt Scott, Don Greiveson and Ian Edgar having a welcome return to Vee racing in Noel Bulls Elfin. Ian was a regular competitor in Formula Vees back in the Seventies and Eighties. Ian was to say later in the weekend he had a fantastic time and looks forward to future racing in the Historic Vee class. Ian has been competing in Historic F/Ford, but Vees are more fun!!

Qualification on Saturday morning resulted in 8 timed very competitive laps, for the Historic Cars with Don out slip streaming Geoff to post the quickest time with Ian, Matt and Connor all within a couple of car lengths to lay the foundation for the 1st race in the afternoon. The Historics out qualified 2 1600cc cars who would start 2 rows in front of the 1200cc cars when racing commenced.

Race 1 of 8 laps was a real ding dong race with all 5 Historic cars in the mix for the entire race.

The head wind down the straight resulted in the slip stream being really strong and kept the Historic group in a tight pack. The leading 1600cc cars were also tightly grouped. After a slow start by a couple of 1600cc cars that we blasted past, that was the last we saw of them and we caught another 1600 who had a spin. He ultimately caught our group and split Matt from the run to the finish line.

At the Flag Don had made the best of the slip stream to clinch the class win over Geoff, Ian, Connor and Nick Grigg in the 1600cc car with 5 cars crossing the line within .3 of a second and Matt who got split a couple of seconds adrift.

A very social Saturday evening at the local RSL for Dinner resulted in a round table for us all including Geoff Stone’s daughter Lauren who came to cheer and barrack and support her dad, Peter George another past Formula Vee racer and Noel Bull and Phil Gardner who chose to run his 1600 cc car rather than the Historic Nimbus, plus Don’s pit crew and cheer squad Nevan and Diane.

Race 2 on Sunday morning of 8 laps turned out to be a real challenge as a rain shower just prior proved a real game changer for the 1600cc cars at turn 1 on the first lap. Your correspondent in all the years of racing F/Vees has never seen so many cars “off ” the Black Stuff. They were left and right out on the grass and a couple pointing the wrong way in the middle of the track. Phil Gardner unfortunately clobbered another who had spun to end his weekend [probably wished he bought the Nimbus I suspect] and Don had an eyeball with a red car and decided a deviation was necessary.

Connor found a gap and showed real class on the slippery track to diss appear down the road and a well-deserved class win. Ian Edgar also had the wet eyes on to chase after Connor and the rest of us tried to survive. Matt also showed good form on the slippery track and Geoff lost the gear selection in what Burnie Cashin on the phone politely told Geoff, it was due to driver abuse.

Race 3 on Sunday afternoon of 9 laps was dry again. John Dean and Don had sorted a quick fix for Geoff’s car with split pins, and it was on again for another ding dong battle for both classes.

Geoff started in 3rg gear just to make sure of his start, or so he said. He caught the group pretty quickly so must have had the eyes on or taken some brave pills. The positions changed at nearly every part of the circuit with the slip stream a very strong influence. The times were fast with Geoff, Ian and Connor into the 2.05 bracket out of the tow and Matt slipping out of the tow crucified his race.  Ian again stated he didn’t see the last lap board due to the closeness of the group, however Don did and worked the slip stream again to finish in front of Geoff, Connor and Ian within .15 of a second, another 1600 .5 of a second behind and unfortunately Matt losing touch with the group.

In summary a great weekend of racing for a $425.00 entry fee. At Phillip Island the racing with the 1600cc cars works for both classes. 

Your correspondent from the driver’s seat, as seen by Don.

Sandown Park Report for November 11th & 12th

Sandown Park for the traditional November meeting was supported by 6 of our cars

To run with J,K,LB and Invited Categories. It was extremely un fortunate the weekend clashed with Eastern Creek as splitting the numbers for our class is not helpful.

Conor Ryan, Chris Jackson, Ross and Dean McLaughlan, Phillip Gardner and Don Greiveson were all in good racing trim to take on the challenge. Grant Kelly parked the Vee and was offered the drive of dad Geoff’s Sports 2000 Tiga and was enjoying all that Horsepower. Geoff wasn’t so keen on the fact Grant drove the car using the Brakes like a Formula 1 car and wore the Brake Pads out in no time at all, and it uses more fuel.

Much cheaper to run a Vee, and just as much fun, with the suggestion to all, take note!!

The weather was quite hot for Melbourne so no trouble warming up tyres or cars.

Qualifying gave us up to 9 laps and Conor Ryan set the pace for the Vees qualifying a very respectable 10th out of a field of 27 cars. All the rest of us followed split by the cars in other classes and only Dean Mclaughan having any issues. Don 13th was in the next group of times,

under instructions from his pit crew to try and avoid crashing into another RED car.

 After the Drivers Briefing pep talk about driving standards wisely figured $500 bucks might be better in his pocket. Phillip Gardner 15th, Chris Jackson 16th and Ross Mclaughlan 18th were in the mix not far behind and far from disgraced in this company.

Race 1 saw Conor in a ding dong battle with former Formula Vee veteran Ian Edgar in the MG TC special, and another TC special just in front. 11th outright for Conor with Don having been challenged the whole race by another “Red” special finishing 13th and the other 4 Vees line astern 19th to22nd in a great race together having been held up by the others.

Race 2 saw a traffic jam from turn 1 to turn 4 on the first lap with the bravest of the brave to find a way through the pack. This race turned out to be a 3 way battle with Conor and Don challenging the superior straight line performance of the Ian Edgar MG Special.

Well we certainly sharpened Ian up for his return to Vee racing next year in Noel Bulls Elfin.

With the end result Ian in the MG 10th, Conor 11th and Don 12th covered by .35 of a second at the line and Chris Jackson sandwiched between an MG and a Nota for 17th with Dean Ross and Phillip line astern behind the Nota in a really tight group. Chris being split by the 1st lap traffic jam robbed him of a Vees slip stream up the back straight, so frustrating!

Race 3 resulted in another titanic battle with Conor eventually getting a break after a wheel to wheel battle with another “RED “sporty to finish a terrific 8th slipping away due to a massive blow up near the end by another class car and leaving oil and yellow flags to be negotiated by all behind, Ian in the MG 9th was leading Don 10th by a slim slipstream when this occurred and thus let Conor slip away. Not far adrift Chris and Dean were travelling well 12th and 13th with Ross split up to be 16th. Unfortunately Phil Gardner had a Gearshift failure and that stuffed his race.

In all a great weekend of racing with former Vee drives Peter George, Frank Bathgate and Reg Gardner in attendance. Reg surprised us with the news that he still has a bottle of Formula Vee Port from 1980 in his collection. Not sure that it was that good Reg!

Another great weekend of “Historic Motor Sport” at Sandown. 


The 8th Historic Festival of Speed Returns to Winton in August 2017

A 300 plus field of historic cars from the 1940s through to the 1990s are set to raceat the Winton long track for the Winton Festival of Speed, on 5-6 August this year.

The Festival of Speed first appeared on the Winton calendar in 2010 and since then, it has grown into one of the best-attended historicevents of the year.

Organised as a joint venture between Winton Motor Raceway and the Victorian Historic Racing Register (VHRR), the Festival of Speed is growing in competitor and spectator numbers year on year.

At the top of the events is the Just Cars Touring Car Cup for Group N Historic Touring Cars, a 50km feature race that sees iconic V8 muscle cars of the 1970s (Ford Mustangs Falcon GTHOs, Chevrolet Camaros, Valiant Chargers and Holden Monaros) competing against smaller and more nimble cars of the era such as Holden Torana XU1s, Ford Escorts and Alfa Romeo GTVs.

The powerful tin top V8s are expected to lead the way early, but will also be harder on their brakes and tyres over the 17-lap journey so the lighter vehicles will be at their heels towards the end, setting up the prospect of an exciting finish.

Festival of Speed race director Peter Donald said the Just Cars Cup was an exciting addition to the program in 2016.

“Fans who attend historic race meetings always enjoy the spectacle and sound of muscle cars being hustled around a technical racetrack like Winton, and Historic Touring cars appeal to fans of all ages, Mr Donald said.

“There are the people who grew up with those sorts of cars, but there are also the younger generations who are fascinated by the older vehicles.”

The Festival of Speed will again include a feature race- the 15-lap Rose City Sports Car Trophy-, for Group S historic production sports cars including Porsche 911s, various MG models, Corvettes and De Tomaso Panteras.

A new addition is a special speed event for Bathurst era Group C tribute and muscle cars from the 70’s and 80’s, otherwise known as classic tin tops. Also on the schedule will be the Victorian MG Racing Series, Group P, Q and R Sports and Racing, Group M and O Sports and Racing, Group J,K and Lb races, and historic Formula Ford and Formula Vee.

A number of high-profile drivers are set to compete in the event, with further news to be released in the coming weeks.

  • Winton Festival of Speed Competitor list & Race schedule – Up around early August
  • Winton Festival of Speed Entry Forms – Click here
  • Advertising Rates for the Race Programme – Click here

Malala Race Report by Don Greiveson

"The weekend at Mallala went off without a hitch.

Geoff Stone, Matt Scott, Frank Chessell and myself represented the Vees. We ran with K L M & O which on paper looked bad news, however it turned out ok. Most were quicker and the few slower not really a problem. Entries for the meeting were well down, they suspect due to the Easter timing. I was the pace in the Vees and the others chased me. We had a  Qually and 4 scratch races and 1 handicap race.

Frank Chessell unfortunately had a gearbox problem and that took him out for the weekend. We all had a good time with good weather up until the last race on Sunday which was wet. Geoff decided not to run in the last, but after watching me work the 3 others who were quicker, I think he wished he had run.

The race in the wet showed just how good our cars can be when compared to the other classes. Firstly 1 car spun in front of Matt and I in the first turn after leaving the pits on the warm up lap. He was trying to warm up his tyres on a wet track [ what a laugh ] and promptly spun and blocked the track. We stopped and let him sort himself out. Off the line I nearly out dragged them to turn 1, couldn’t quite pull it off.

Then for the next few laps both Matt and I shadowed the 2 leaders who were dicing intensely and the inevitable happened, both went wide at Woody’s hairpin corner, and I was in the lead in a split second decision. 

The guy in the Riley special who was now second was very determined to re pass me, and next thing I look in the mirror and he is sideways on the Start Finish straight having a big loose. Matt who was behind him having passed Bill Hemmings Formula Junior said it was a real classic. The guy apparently gave it the welly and the result was he blew it in a big way, and finished well behind. I decided keeping it on the black stuff was the way to go and greeted the flag on my own. Matt just got pipped for second by Bill Hemming. Geoff watched the race from the bank and said the commentators and the crowd on the bank were all barracking for the Vees to beat them.

So a good thing we didn’t let them down. I think Tony would have really enjoyed the challenge. Peter Williamson from the Sporting Car Club spoke to me afterwards and lobbied for us to support the meeting next year.

The Fords had 12 cars and got their own races, and I suspect if we could raise the numbers they would also support us. Next year is 21st and 22nd of April.

Don Greiveson

A Newbies Perspective - Wakefield Park

As newcomers to the club, we (David and Geoff) brought our recently acquired Avanti along for our first participation in historic Formula Vee. After pooling our gold sovereigns and purchasing the Avanti from Kevan Peters towards the end of 2016, we have basically spent time getting familiar with how the car works as well as squeezing in a track day and having a drive each. David rapidly achieved a competition licence while I am aiming to progress from an L2S as time permits. 

Saturday offered reasonable conditions and David qualified the car in 9th, and in respect of track position, was able to stay with the second group of cars over the races. Sunday went smoothly for David while he got into the competition groove and tried the limits of the old tyres we were running. Meanwhile I took what opportunity there was to do my normal routine behind the camera but that will come to a halt when my Ranger completes restoration later in the year. 

It will be interesting to see how David goes with a bit more experience in the Avanti and fresh set of tyres.
So what do we think as our first impressions? We had a great time - the quality of the cars is excellent, there is a distinct camaraderie that reflects a healthy and engaged club membership, and the welcome that we have received has been heartening. The category is reasonably affordable to get into, advice is readily available and the cars appear to be quite reliable. What is even better is that my dear wife visited Wakefield Park on Sunday to see what we were up to and I appear to have achieved a renewable leave pass to get along to the next meeting, but I'm really not sure if it was Steve's birthday cake or the smell of fuel and oil that impressed her the most.

Geoff Russell and David Clark


Winton Festival of Speed August 5-7 2016 Enter Now

We need to get 25 + Cars to have a chance of our own races and we need to ENTER NOW!!

Follow the link below to download relevant Entry Forms and Info -  WINTON FOS

Paper Based Entry so do not put off - get it done now! 

We would all like to garage together so please select the support Paddock Area Garaging and Team up with someone to share the cost.

Please let me know when you have entered


The Note Below was issued by the VHRR today

Welcome to Winton Historic long track racing.

We are looking forward to receiving your entry for this year’s Winton Festival of Speed. Entries Open on Monday May 9th and close on Friday July 8th 2016. Please note online entries are not available for 2016.

    Included with this letter are the printed entry forms for the Winton Festival of Speed 2016. Please complete these forms and post them to the Entry Secretary, postal details are included in forms. This year, there is no surcharge for credit card payments. 
    These are available from the VHRR website: www.vhrr.com and can be printed, completed and posted.
    Anyone who requires a carport or garage for the event must complete the attached form or download this from the VHRR website and mail the form complete with payment directly to the Entry Secretary. These facilities are available on a first come first served basis. Last year demand for garages exceeded supply so please book early to ensure you don’t miss out.
    Friday practice is also available on the 5th August for WFOS competitors. Payment and paperwork is to be done for this activity on the day at Winton Raceway.

As pointed out above HFVAA,  membership is due and if you are not a member we encourage you to support the club and committee, we have a great Formula and without your small financial contribution and help it makes it difficult.

For existing members bank details are as follows : $65  Bank details are
BSB 062 232, account 10127040, account name Historic Formula Vee
Association of Australia.

If you are not a member or your details have changed click on this link to get the necessary form.  Membership Form and email to Ian Cutcher  cutcher@dodo.com.au

Mallala Historic Meeting April 23 & 24th 2016

The Mallala historic meeting was well supported in most classes with Formula Vee competing with the K,L,M, classes. This worked reasonably well as some good dicing kept everybody on their toes.

The weather was fantastic with 5 vees racing and 1 vee running in the regularity class.

Geoff Stone and Matt Scott benefited from some phone coaching on the Friday private practice which helped their competitive form throughout the weekend.

The weekend started badly for Team Shearer in the regularity class with their Elfin Vee having an un fixable Oil leak, so the entry was re allocated to Don Greivesons car which would run for the rest of the weekend in both Regularity for Matt Shearer on board and then in the races with Don at the wheel. Geoff Stone, Matt Scott and Paul Faulkner came from interstate and Frank Chessel and Don being local South Australians.

1 Qualifying session was followed by 2 races, a handicap race and then 2 more scratch races.

Geoff Stone was determined to race even with a recovering leg injury, and he did well after some private practice the previous day. The old fox worked out if he followed Don in Qualifying he would be in with a sporting chance, and Paul, Matt and Frank followed in sight of the more experienced pair to be not far behind.

Race 1 saw some real racing with the Vees giving the 3 other faster cars in the group in front a real hard time, Don having Paul and Geoff chasing hard and watching Don do his best to keep the pressure on the faster K,L & M cars. Matt and Frank were not far behind, in a separate battle.

Matt Shearer gave us a few heart beats after falling off the track twice in Don’s car in the 2nd Regularity, however we sorted him out, gave the car some more negative camber at the rear and some instruction on the downshift to 3rd gear and all was well. He remained on the black stuff in the other 3 regularity races, and lost stacks of points by going a lot faster than his nominated time.

Race 2 was deferred from the Saturday, as a number of incidents involving other classes had delayed the program. Again another titanic battle with Don showing Frank Chessell how to go about it. Frank had by now got the feel of his new set of Hoosier tyres and said he felt quite happy with them. Norm and Matt followed not far behind, with Geoff deciding to rest the leg a little longer in bed. Geoff was taking in the ambience of the Novatel in the Barossa Valley, if you get the picture. With perfect weather and not a sight of the northern climate tropical rain, we could all understand his enjoyment.


Next up a handicap, which we all took part in. Geoff Stone arrived and fit to get stuck into it. Geoff

 had to go back into the memory bank to work out how it all worked, and in true old fashioned form he soon worked it out and we all proceeded to do some heavy passing and being passed by the faster front part of the K,L,M, class cars. All finished in fine form having had a bit of fun in the true picnic race format. Frank Chessell had a mechanical problem on the warm up lap which put an end to his days racing. Fortunately being a Formula Vee it shouldn’t cost much to rectify.


Races 4 and 5 saw the remaining 4 racing vees continue to show these more powerful other cars a thing or two about how fast a Formula Vee can be from the braking zone to the completion of a corner. Mallala has 2 hard braking zones and a tricky little esses that shows up the really strong points of a Formula vee. Don Greiveson was at a considerable advantage due to his local knowledge, and the others were ably assisted by this knowledge to be not far behind in lap times. Paul Faulkner [who also ran his Formula Ford] and Matt Scott picked up a trophy to support their efforts on the weekend

A good weekend was had by all our competitors in perfect weather, with no damage and plenty of racing for the very reasonable entry fee.